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Some Important Add-ons in WOW

By Edmund Korsak

Add-ons are some small in-game programs in World of Warcraft, which can make your own leveling, World of Warcraft gold making and raiding a lot more convenient and effective. In this article, I am going to share some important additions along with you.

The very first factor you need to consider is building a leveling spec. You will find two choices for a person. If you love questing and grinding monsters, you definitely should spend your talent point in enhancement spec. So the leveling guide you choose must tell you how to build a great enhancement spec and how to kill monster effectively with this talent. But if you prefer leveling by running random dungeons, you'd much better pick the restoration spec, due to the fact being as a healer, you always can be teleported to the dungeons instantly. I think this method is a lot easier than questing as you just need to remain in a capital city and ensure experts the queue of the random dungeon.

The second one, Gatherer: Gathering materials is supposed to be probably the most important methods to make gold in World of Warcraft. If you want to gather ore, herbs or leathers to get a profit, I highly recommend you to use this particular add-on. It will tell you the where to gather ores, herbs and leathers about the map. This program can also catalogue every areas where you find components. In addition, it is going to make your gathering much more efficient.

The 2nd place is actually Uldum. There are plenty of Humanoid monsters here, and most of them have great chance to drop ember silk. This place could be much safer compared to Tol Barad, if you want to spend couple of hours on gardening ember silk without disturbing, you should choose this place. In here, I highly recommend you to grind the sailors on the boats south of Schnottz's Landing. You may remember these sailors that you should kill in the quest The Great Get away from the Schnottz Sea Troopers, all of them have a good chance to decrease ember silk. I have myself used this area and the first time I was generally there questing was surprised through the amount of ember man made fiber cloth that was falling.

In conclusion, farming is an excellent method for making World of Warcraft gold, If you insist upon grinding the monsters in the placer I pointed out above, I believe you may make a pleasant revenue very quickly.

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