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The Dangers of a Registry Cleaner

By Paul Barber

The easy answer has got to be yes, some registry cleaners are safe to use. The other registry cleaners out there though, are not. Confusing? Let's dissect this further, shall we?

The Dangerous Registry Cleaner

You have likely done a quick Internet search on "Are registry cleaners safe?" and you've seen the mixed results. Some people will tell you that they're safe, while others will strenuously tell you that a registry cleaner will cock up your PC. Both answers are true; the question you must really be asking is, "Which registry cleaner is safe to use?"

There's heaps of registry cleaner software on the Web, and many of them are free to use. A few of these programs have evil software in them, like Trojans, viruses, malicious software, and key logging applications. They may seem to do a scan, give you a brief, and fix your registry, but in the background, they are installing other software that may be dangerous for you and your PC. Those aren't the only kind of bad registry cleaner software, if you are not cautious, you can also get one that's poorly written. Shoddily written software can hurt your registry and render your PC completely useless until you reload your Windows operating system.

So how does one find a good registry cleaner?

A good registry cleaner is permissible to use and should look after the increase of erroneous data on your registry. If you are looking to use a free registry cleaner, then you will need to do some legwork when making an attempt to find a trusty one. You want to try the favored registry cleaners out there and read up on critiques of the software. You may visit forums to see what users need to say about the registry cleaner you're looking into. Another thing you can do is to invest on a PC utility suite that has a registry cleaner bundled in. A P.C software suite generally contains tools that would help you to maintain your personal computer and keep it running smoothly. In the long run, you may find this investment to give you excellent value for your cash.

Finally, it is possible to get a stand-alone registry cleaner from a reputable company. Like the Computer suite, you'd need to make an investment on the software.

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