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A Look into the Future Of Gaming

By Juan Sanchez

We're a little intrigued with the "Sun Game Glasses" idea. Wearing 2 dark sunglasses and utilising the technology implemented by Nintendo's "Wii" system, we could actually watch a game take place right before our eyes and then engage with it using a device that's about the size of a pen. Since this isn't exactly a new idea, we're curious to observe what develops from University of South Australia's 'ARQuake ' project1 - a springboard for this sort of gaming to develop in the near future for sure.

Another cool idea we would like to see erupt within the gaming industry is the facility to talk with the characters within a game. Some games permit players to textually talk to game characters already, but we'd like to see this pushed a little farther. We'd very much like to be well placed to orally engage with characters: raise questions, joke around, warn and speak to them as if we were chatting to another human. And we would really like to hear these characters talk back! It is the final artificial intelligence opportunity and while it would probably be years before this technology would be available on a wide scale, we are sure it might be a hit.

Will we ever get to the point at which we are able to play inside a simulated environment the way in which the characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation could play? Virtual is getting close, but the grim reality of the simulation is gone the moment we put on the silly-looking shades and gloves. If you buy kinect you are going to see how close we are. In order for simulation of this sort to work, there needs to be as little a barrier between gamers and the game as practicable. We do not what to just think we are within a game, we want to feel that we're inside a game and to be truthful, we don't really wish to have to go somewhere outside our home to do so.

The television or PC screen will suffice for now, but in the future, we're going to want to be besieged with the elements which make gaming the wonder it's today. We are going to want to transform our dens or bedrooms into a virtual alien ship or simulated jungle. In short , we need a new world.

One possible difficulty to bringing this fantasy into our living rooms is public approval. Would the public be ready for such a raised level of entertainment? And could the public handle it? Immediately following Nintendo's Wii release, shoppers were ready to complain that they wanted their old controller back! So like with any new development, there will surely be inadvertent consequences and though we're gung-ho for these kinds of advances, we also share fears about the impact it might have on an audience that isn't "virtually ready. ".

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