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Do Not Buy This Product - Panda Antivirus Software Review

By Elijah Green

I also recommend NIS over Norton 360, as the latter product is overkill for the average user, and can consume more memory/resources.

It would be ideal if the program pulled from some information source to help me make an informed decision about whether to delete, quarantine, or leave the threat alone. If you renew your Norton protection online, they tack on an agreement that they can raise the price of renewal and they renew automatically while electronically gaining access to your card.

I made the big mistake of installing NIS on 3 different machines and now every one of them will completely freeze on a regular basis (sometimes multiple times per day) while browsing the web. It requires a hard power cycle in order to recover. The virus signature and upgrades are downloaded in small size files in the background. So you do not feel it running in the background even in some older computers. They pretty much insist students use Avast or MacAfee. Everybody has an opinion, but I think it's unfair to force students ditch a product they've already paid for!

if they continue to build a quality product I'll keep buying. Product came in excellent condition, installed on my pc and working perfect.

The only part of Norton IS that I didn't like was the anti-spam filter for e-mail. I didn't like how it would automatically target spam and put it in my OUTLOOK junk email folder. It shipped out in less than 10 days. Used Norton online support to help me with the installation and was completed in less than 30 minutes.

So I decided to give it a try. I work on computers and this is the software I recommend to people.

Seller sent item immediately. I received the product within 5 days.

So, I felt it necessary to deduct a star for not only the hassle, but also the wastefulness of having to have a boxed copy of the software mailed to me, just so that I could type in the code provided within the box. The product arrived in about a week in perfect condition.

Essentially, you are buying a new license each year. I skipped NIS one year because I found ZoneAlarm for free after rebates and thought I would give it a try since I had used their fantastic free firewall program for years. Now, every-time I boot my computer, I open Norton and turn the whole thing off until next reboot. It is inconvenient and time consuming to do this, but that is how annoying I find this software. I have used Norton products for many years and have never had a problem with intrusions or viruses. Needed help with a version of Internet 360, and Norton provided good support. The memory-resident protection takes up 1-2% of CPU cycles at most. When Norton is actively scanning for security threats (QuickScan or Full System Scan), it takes up 25% of CPU cycles at most.

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