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R4 Cards,The 3DS And The Future Of Nintendo

By John Collins

There are those who are saying that it is the sign that Nintendo is facing its decline with the relative failure of the latest of its portable gaming device the 3DS . It is very easy to feel nostalgic about Nintendo, to many who grew up in the 80s and the early 90s, Nintendo provided the best video gaming experience that was available. The company revolutionized the industry with the fantastic games and their amazing hardware. In fact they dominated the market for so long that others say that the company leaders have become too sure about their own capabilities.

The latest portable gaming console offered by the company, the 3DS managed to hit selling units in the millions, though its performance when it comes to sales is still way below what was expected by Nintendo. Which is why many analysts see it as just the beginning of the decline for the gaming company.

When you think about it, the DS especially after the r4 cards came out and the Wii didn't fare too badly but still Nintendo is at a at a critical point right now. They must decide whether they would continue with creating hardware for which their games are to be exclusive or take the path of licensing its titles to other companies.

They have to think about the trend in the industry right now. They have to change and when they do they can derive a tremendous amount of profit from licensing the iconic titles that they own. The mobile phone devices are taking a huge chunk of the portable gaming market. Nintendo's argument is that mobile phones provide a poor platform for gaming, though they might be right, they tend to forget that for a smart phone gaming is just one of the features that mobile phones have to offer now.

Change is something that Nintendo has to do right away. The market for mobile gaming is really a huge one but the standards are starting to get higher so that means that it would be a lot more difficult now for a company to dominate it completely again as Nintendo once did

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