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You Can Stop Looking Any Further - Top Antivirus Software Software Review

By Khloe Hill

I'm so happy with this product. Since my subscription is up in two weeks, I'm going to upgrade to the 360.

It prompts me to take some action from time to time. No attacks appear to have taken place.

I would never use another Internet Security program other than Norton. This program has never inter-feared with my computer settings like other security programs have in the past, and I always end up going back to Norton Internet Security. Norton is very easy to use, does what it says it will do with nice graphics and overall is well worth the money. Everything having to do with the product and transaction went just as I had hoped for and expected. Get this and get piece of mind. You've come a long way baby.

Now, instead of getting unwanted pop-ups trying to sell me stuff from the company whose anti-pop-up software I installed to get rid of pop-ups (McAfee), I have the option to have the ground rules that apply to other software apply equally to the anti-pop-up software (Norton). Norton also doesn't litter my desktop and Start menu with its icons, like McAfee does.

In my memory the only way that technical support has been able to fix a problem is to use a removal tool and reinstall. This was the fix for the activation problem, and it did leave me with a functional product.

I already had a Norton Account, so it easily processed the updates. It is recommended that you update your virus definitions once the installation is complete to ensure that you are fully protected.

If you have time remaining on your current subscription, DO NOT INSTALL VIA THE DISK. Instead, select "check for new version."

Unfortunately, I find that the known bad sites are among the top few that pop up when doing a search. Without NIS, I would certainly have selected some of those bad sites had there not be the NIS warning.

I have used Norton for many years, and they typically do a good job. This version of Internet security is no different. I hate this antivirus software for several reasons, but first let me be fair and say that this software did its job well at removing a couple of viruses and Trojan- horses from my PC (which is why I bought the Norton software in the first place). Now, with any software programs, there are those nefarious characters that want to invade and steal information from computers everywhere. Norton's Internet Security has an uncanny sense to know the good guys from the bad, thus keeping your computer safe. I previously had Trend Micro which I didn't like as well. In addition, I didn't like their business practices.

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