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You Don't Need Fork Out 100's of Bucks To Fix Your PC

By David Rogers

If your pc is unresponsive you should use a registry fixer

So what is the registry? Even a non technical person like me can handle it with a few straightforward mouse button clicks using a registry fixer.

Until my P.C started to behave slowly did I investigate things. I didn't actually know what the registry was. After some investigations I finally chanced on a registry fixer that actually did the trick! The best part was that I did not have to re-install Windows!

Does this sound familiar?

* Your PC runs slower than it used to and it's worsening.

* Puzzling errors pop up.

* You have problems with the System's memory strike all of the time.

* You're wound up by the ads when you are browsing the Web.

* You get the ActiveX or similar 'Unable to load .dll & .exe ' errors.

* You get the blue screen, system crashing or freezing.

If one or more of these describe what's happening to your P.C you pretty much certainly need your registry fixing! Try a free scan to determine if it is!

Each Windows Computer has a Registry...

The Computer registry is a database storehouse of info about a computer's configuration. It's like a giant book of references employed by the CPU to maintain a record of all of the assorted parts and software within your computer. When you install or remove a programme you insert or delete a reference. Therefore by installing and uninstalling software quite a lot , or downloading internet pages as you make use of the Internet (your Computer instantly makes a local copy) your registry becomes a mess and gets larger, leading in time to lowered P.C performance and causing PC crashes.

The issue of a corrupt registry is common with most Windows Computer PC users. The registry gets clogged up with the remaining data and files from standard daily utilization, lots of which are in truth no longer required. These surplus files and data entries saved in the registry in effect corrupt it. A corrupt registry can have serious consequences on the system leading to the reduced speed or maybe crashing. When the registry file becomes massive, your computer's performance will be affected and unstable.

One of the largest factors behind registry concerns comes from the Web as adware or malicious software. Even though these aren't viruses as such, they're pieces of malicious code sent to your computer to literally spy on your goings-on. The spyware does not get into to the system immediately but the more that you are linked to Internet and the more your download free computer software, the probabilities of malicious software accompanying those increases. Once the spyware is in your system, it not only lowers the working speed of your computer it also slows up everything else by using too much memory. Whem the memory becomes overloaded or the registry can't cope the system hangs or crashes.

So , by keeping the registry clean and organised you have got less chance of system failure and you may reinforce the performance of your Personal computer.

Use a Trustworthy Registry Fixer!

I know that this sounds a clear move to make but take care! All registry fixer software isn't the same! It's also not a good idea to try and do this sort of fix by hand unless you are completely qualified.

So, step 1 is to do a Free Registry Scan

My motto is "if it's not broken don't fix it" but I bet you'll be shocked like I was by what you find!

If your scan finds problems DON'T PANIC! You can simply fix this!

Good Registry Fixers use high-performance detection procedures that will quickly identify misplaced and unsafe references in your Microsoft Windows Registry.

With 1 or 2 simple steps Registry Easy will scan your whole Windows registry for any invalid or out of date entries and give a listing of the registry problems found. After that you click to immediately fix them all or if you're more technical you can make a decision to clean list items with the selection option.

For your added convenience and protection, they also provide a backup mechanism for any repaired files so that you can simply recover any changes if required.

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