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Quick Facts about the Registry Mechanic

By Barber Paul

We've covered plenty of things about the Registry Mechanic from PERSONAL COMPUTER Tools, but you'll still wish to have one or two questions cleared up before trying it out for yourself. Here are a couple of things which will help you choose whether you want to download the stated Registry cleaner or not.

Developer. As we've previously discussed, the Registry Mechanic is developed by PC Tools, a software development coproration based in Australia. The business have been around since 2003 and are quite famous for making anti-malware and other system utilities software, including Malware Doctor, Browser Defender, Net Security, and others. The company was later purchased by another huge software company, Symantec, though they actually did manage somehow to maintain independent operations. PC Tools ' first software release was the Registry Mechanic, the recent version being 11, released last October 31, 2011.

Features. As you'll have guessed, this Registry cleaner enjoys regular updates. Since its first release, it's been improved for better scanning and detection and with new features added for more functionality. Registry Mechanic offers one or two features for cleaning your system including the System Optimiser, Deep Scan, Backup and Restore, Ignore List, and Start up Scan.

Other Features. There are 2 extremely handy extra features in the Registry Mechanic: the Start up manager and the Registry Compactor. The startup feature lets you select which applications are started when you fire up your personal computer. This feature will definitely help if you're particularly annoyed with a slow boot. The compactor feature, on the other hand, permits you to defrag your Registry entries after cleanup. Some experts say this makes an immaterial difference in a computer's performance but if you want to be especially inclusive then you'd appreciate this feature.

Known Issues. Registry Mechanic is a good choice, though it does have its issues. Some users have noted that the Registry cleaner gobbles up a huge piece of system and memory resources. Older and slower systems may freeze during a scan, so it can get pretty annoying.

Overall, the Registry Mechanic is an effective cleaner from an extremely credible company. It has a free trial version so be at liberty to give it a test run if you're interested.

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