Kamis, 17 November 2011

Factors To Consider Once On The Hunt For Managed Network Services

By Fitzgerald A. Reilly

A well-managed network infrastructure is vital for any enterprise to run smoothly, and for this reason it is extremely recommended that you simply make use of high quality managed network services. No matter whether you need enterprise monitoring, SLA management, or another kind of managed network services, by utilizing a company which has both experience as well as knowledge of this industry, you can feel confident knowing that you will have no annoying concerns such as network downtime and outages.

Another reason why enterprise monitoring as well as SLA management is important is because it will increase the total security of your network structure. Thus, regardless of whether your company runs on the LAN or WAN infrastructure, you have to do what you could to make sure that this system is reliable, quick, scalable, as well as flexible to keep up with the growing variety of programs which will be used.

There are very good reasons why you should be concerned about network management. Studies have shown that nearly 30 percent of downtime that occurs in a network has absolutely nothing related to technology, but instead, it is due to human error. Actually, close to 80 percent of outages are actually caused as a result of incorrect configurations, which once again is because of human error.

To make sure that you get a reliable firm to manage your network structure, it is always a great idea to do comprehensive research upfront. In other words, start by getting a listing of companies that provides this kind of service, after which do a comparison of what they have to offer, the type of experience they have got, how many years they have been in operation, what other customers as well as past customers say about them, as well as their overall costs.

Another area that you need to consider when doing your research is if the company you may be employing is able to supply you with the appropriate kind of customer care when it is needed. In other words, in case things do go wrong with the network structure, can they be able to assist you quickly, or will you end up having to wait for a period of time just before anything gets accomplished. The thing is, no matter how much expertise a service has, if they do not work with an efficient manner, it can be even worse as having no service at all. Thus, by keeping these couple of things at heart, you will find that your business can operate within a solid network structure, thus making certain there won't be any interruptions in your workflow.

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