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Practice Words by Playing Free Scrabble Online

By Barbie Doyle

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet that free online games are more popular than ever. Many visitors of the web find lots of pleasure and entertainment when they play Scrabble Online. For some players, it can be more helpful when they realize that there are lots of ways in improving your skills. It can be advantageous if you take time in optimizing your skills because this will allow you to improve your score whether you play online or offline.

A large number of adults might think there is not that much to the word game of Scrabble. But, there is more to it than what you may imagine. More than just a spelling game or word game, Scrabble requires an agile memory and a wide vocabulary of words. This article will help you develop you skills on this game. It is essential to make sure that if you play Scrabble Online, you are adept in identifying the start and end letters of the most common words in the dictionary.

In so doing, you will identify the letters that are usually found in the beginning and end thus you can sort it out immediately. Say for example, you believe that many words begin with "IN" or "TH". As a player, you should keep these tiles of letters on the left side of your rack so as to indicate that these are for the start of the words. Furthermore, you can be confident that most words end with "ED" or "S". To play it well, then you should put these letters on the right side of your rack to indicate that these letters are for the ending of the common words.

As you would no doubt guess, scrabble falls into the game category of word games. There are many types of word games such as text twist and they are keeping many folks occupied and entertained these days. I suspect that word games such as these are played by a much older demographic. In other words, I imagine that the bulk of scrabble players are between 30 and 50 years old. Of course, I could be off track with that estimation, but I bet it's pretty close, and of course you get the idea.

It's more likely that children and teens and twenty somethings are playing different types of games than word games. For example, it would be kids and teenagers who are more into all car games. In any case, there are thousands upon thousands of games out there and there seem to be something for everyone. And I wonder if we all have too much time on our hands.

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