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Where To Find Google Android Tablets

By Raymond Malcolm

HTC will use the touch screen technologies of the Israeli N-trig to create Android Tablet PC, and will probably be shipped throughout the Christmas shopping season this year. Though the timing is suspicious, the N-trig and HTC are indeed cooperating with one another for the multi-touch tablet computers.

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The Android Tablet PC of LG will focus on content material creation. They're not merely the presentation of the content material to be unique from iPad. Furthermore, it has the high finish capabilities as well as the new positive aspects, but the majority of them will focus on content material production. This item with content material production capacity might be a surprise. It'll be greater than the iPad.

Motorola is also creating a 10-inch Android flat-panel laptop, the code is named Stingray. They are going to be facing the on the internet sales for Verizon in the finish of the year. The Android Tablet PC of Motorola will likely be bundled with Verizon package to integrate Google Television. Some insiders think that the goods are most most likely to challenge the dominance of iPad.

Samsung is also probable to launch 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet laptop inside the IFA 2010 electronics show. The IFA electronics show of this year is going to be held in Berlin on September 3. This item has the prominent function as it has front and rear camera, 3G module and AMOLED display. Samsung is also most likely to release a competing item using the iPod Touch. In reality, this really is a Galaxy S mobile telephone without having 3G module; nonetheless it can assistance the Android Marketplace.

ViewSonic will also post a 7-inch Android Tablet laptop or computer on the IFA, also as a tablet PC with Android and Windows 7 dual systems. As a result of supporting Windows 7, the 10-inch merchandise ought to use the Intel Atom processor, that is comparatively uncommon within the Android marketplace.

Not just OEM producers as well as Texas Instrument enters the tablet PC industry with Blaze platform. This item has huge size, but nonetheless utilizes the ARM processor. So it must naturally run Android. Sony is also expected to introduce a program according to the Android platform. Toshiba plans to launch a 10-inch Android Tablet PC inside the subsequent two months and will use the Nvidia Tegra2 platform. Lenovo and Acer will also launch Android Tablet PC prior to the finish of the year, and will use Qualcomm's chips. Dell will launch Streak mini Tablet PC for the newest Android operating method...

You can find numerous corporations for Google Android Tablets, and you are able to see it everywhere.

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