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Disk Partition Utility - Partition Assistant for Vista, Windows 7, XP and Windows Server 2003, 2008.

By Mark Osborne

My computer system is Windows XP, but, recently, I heard that many friends installed dual system, even triple system, they have more choices to make full use of their computers, and I also wish to realize it. I will consider using windows 7 or server 2008, server 2003.

But, I know XP can't provide resize disk partition utility to resize partition, which includes extend, shrink, move function, it cannot help partition my hard drive into two or more to store other systems; I also found that the snap-in system of server 2003 has not resize partition function, and though windows 7 or server 2008 could achieve this aim, they can't satisfy my needs completely, for example, server 2008 just could make the wish of shrink the half of disk come true, I have two partition in disk, partition C and partition D, there is spare space behind the D partition, as I can't move D partition, so I can't extend C partition to more capacity. I hope to create more partitions to install each systems and each form of data or files storage graphically. Sometimes, in order to keep my privacy, I have to hide partition; it has no idea for me to achieve an end successfully.

Solutions and Partition Utility

One day, a friend recommended that I could look for some partition manager software, afterward, I sought and collected lots of information on the Internet, there are Partition Assistant, Partition Magic, and Partition-Tool, and finally I chose Partition Assistant, a sort of resizing partition software released by Aomei Tech Company. My experience to run this software and share with users who have the same difficulties.

The first step I need to do is shrink C and D partition to generate more space, then, create several partitions.

Check the above view, I want to shrink C partition and D partition, and create more partitions. All operations could be handled easily, shrink the target partition by dragging sliders, move partition just by dragging this partition to the right direction;

Moreover, stay your arrow to the spare place; click right, select "create" to create a new partition.

You could label the new partition, choose drive letter: E, F, G, and set the size of this partition, and then click "OK".

When all the tasks are completed, it's time to install other operating systems to E partition, F partition or G partition and so on as you wish.

Easy to operate right? With Partition Assistant this kind of disk partition utility to resize partition, your would be able to realize multiple systems with ease.

Why not download partition magic and experience!

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