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Restoring DLL Files

By Alan Nutley

DLL is the abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library. The codes and data that are found in this library are usable by multiple programs at the same time. Your computers physical memory will have more open space when the functions in this library are utilized simultaneously by multiple programs. The reason for this is that the usage of a DLL will minimize the duplicity of codes once they are loaded in the memory. The programs and applications of your computer will therefore load with no trouble and the operation will be much faster.

If a DLL file becomes lost or gets corrupted, you will come across problems in running certain programs and applications. Constant installing and uninstalling of programs in your computer generally cause these Dynamic Link Library errors. In order for these computer programs to be corrected, there is a necessity for you to bring back the original DLL files that are not erroneous. The following tools below can help you do the same:

* Recovery Console

* System File Checker

The DLL files on your computer that are infected or missing can be repaired with the help of the Recovery Console. You must have the Windows CD because the original DLL file that you will need are stored there. The Recovery Console will allow you to exchange the erroneous file with the safe and clean DLL file that is mainly stored in the Windows CD. You must be running these operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000.

DLL files that have been lost can be brought back by using the tool called System File Checker. When it scans your computer and finds that a protected file has been corrupted, it recovers the original unaltered protected DLL file. The cache folder or the Windows installation source files are accessed by the System File Checker tool to retrieve the original file.

Right after performing any of the tasks explained earlier, do not hesitate to open the application or program that you were trying to operate when the DLL error message was displayed. When you do so and no DLL error message comes out, then you can be sure that the method you tried was successful and your programs will now work properly.

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