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Well Worth The Cost And Will Make A Huge Difference - Massage Business Software Critique

By Elizabeth Turner

The process of sun setting older versions is annoying, but ultimately necessary I believe. This allows the product staff to focus on making new versions better vs. The time and annoyance really adds up if you make, as I did, half a dozen attempts to get the import process to work correctly. But the real problem was in the results.

I am still using Microsoft Money because I just can't justify switching to Quicken until they can sync with Bank of America and ING without any issues. These are the two main banks I use and it's ridiculous that they can't make this work - it's not like they are obscure banks.

My confidence in that regard is thin. The interface is daunting, to put it mildly.

After searching for various alternatives, both online and standalone, I ended up selecting Quicken Home and Business 2011 (being self-employed I need the business module). At first I was quite nervous about Quickens ability to load almost 10-years' worth of history and be able to make sense of it. I was unable to deal with my bank accounts or my credit card. Now I wouldn't know anymore what charges or payments were posted to my credit card, what deposits or payments made by my bank account; I'd have to start writing checks manually and mailing them via USPS. It's a bit like our government both sides are blaming each other with no resolution in sight. Don't waste your money! I guess Intuit went with the lowest bidder. Quicken still loads junkware when loading the program.

The agent told me the following: 1. You should not trust the communication with your bank. No stability, useless customer service support, and simply a waste of time trying to get anything reported or fixed. All online services are hit or miss.

If you are a casual user, but one who controls almost their entire budget on this type of software, I would recommend Quicken 2011 as a useful and more than adequate replacement for Money. This seems to be a very minor upgrade from quicken 2008.

Other than that, there is no customization at all (and by adding Arial text with a little bold to your invoice doesn't count). I am more than mad though since I have absolutely no way to return it since I downloaded from Amazon digital store. And to that the fact that I was able to download the software and begin using it right away and you have a sure winner here! I use for home finances and a very small business and it's more than adequate. I have been very pleased with this product! It is exactly what I was expecting in Financial Management software, and has been easy to learn how to use. Not perfect, though. If you have any long memos on transactions, they will be truncated; you're going to lose part of them.

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