Kamis, 29 September 2011

WOW Fact or Fiction

By Lavon Sleeter

Every MMORPG player knows that best gear, the highest level, the place of No. 1 is what they desire. However, no one can have all of that, and this kind of unfulfilled desire is exact fun point for the game. As every game revolves around the concept of gear and levels, players will need the game gold to prosper.

Mining, skinning and herbalism are all good ways to generate a profit. Personally, I do mining. Most of the players will be surprised about the fast speed that thorium, mithril, truesilver and iron bars sell. Even copper bars can make a decent profit for lower level characters. I usually used my ore to make blacksmithing supplies, but by the time it takes to sell a blue item in the auction house you can have sold so much stacks of bars and made much more gold. I have made 1000's of gold doing this, and it turns a fast profit. You can't just sit around and presume the gold to fall in front of you, but if you put in just a little work you could make some cash.

Many auction sites and payment processors don't support these "virtual item transactions". Therefore, make it difficult to establish yourself as a strong company. These companies work for gold as well, very similar to the relaxation of the players do. The sad reality is, there is no free gold. Despite what people say - you just never will get free WOW gold.

Fortunately, there are methods to get gold with the necessity of physically spending away from your own pocket. You can complete surveys and pay per click advertisements on many popular websites that will pay you inside 24 hours to entire their offers. The cash is relatively miniscule, not nearly sufficient to provide yourself owning an entire time income - however, it is sufficient to get you some free gold without any cost on your own wallet.

It's intended to be about supply and demand. At any given place in time, I have experienced the only thorium bars for sale. That's when I list them at 25g a stack and turn a fantastic profit. Forget the complete product or services and focus on advertising the materials instead. You will soon see how fast the gold starts adding up in your WOW account!

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