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Heat Mapping Your Website: A Quick Overview

By Wesley Williams

Is your Wordpress theme doing its job? You could have spent many hours selecting and customizing your Wordpress theme, to make your website stand out - and to encourage your audience to stay on your website, and come back in the future. But is your theme design actually helping - or is it obstructing your aims? Is it aiding you in keeping your audience, or sending them away?

One of the most effective ways of learning more about how readers are using your site is to built a "heat map" of their clicks as they navigate. A heat map, a. K. A a click map, is an internet site overlay that highlights the regions where your readers are clicking. The more clicks that a position on the page receives, the "hotter" it registers on the click heat map.

One or two internet services offer this kind of solution and let you integrate heat map with Wordpress in form of add-on.

Click Heat Maps are crucial info for any internet site - enabling the effective placement of site navigation, banners, and advertising like AdSense. The ensuing overlay map of your users ' clicks shows you which placements work, and which don't.

Heat maps are invaluable for improving any website, and forceful tools like these can be costly - some heat map services for web sites will cost many hundreds of bucks every month in rolling charges. But there are some heat map solutions that have no monthly costs, and you need to use it on as many pages and Wordpress blogs as you need.

They do not require any coding or complicated set-up, and start work from the instant the plug in is activated. You can stipulate which pages, posts and page types you need mapped - and which of them you want to exclud from its site-wide mapping. The best enhancements also gives detailed reports about each mapped element on the page, including dynamic content such as Ajax elements that are not effectively tracked by other click heat map builders.

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  • Jimmy Jarred mengatakan:
    5 Januari 2014 20.49

    Heatmaps are a great tool for making improvements in a website. This is such a wonderful tool that collects a valuable amount of information about the performance of website. I highly recommend all to use this option for their website.
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