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Ways Space MMO Culture Works

By Aaliyah I. Herzog

As online role playing games become increasingly popular around the world, many of them, including space MMO titles, are developing their own unique culture. There are truly hundreds of thousands of players signed up for massively multiplayer online games around the world, making this a big part of the modern gaming industry. Game designers and developers need to constantly be focusing on adaptations and upgrades to their online games in order to keep the in-game environment feeling fresh and to prevent gamers from becoming bored with it. Since these games are extremely different from console based RPG's that are made just for one player, a culture has developed online with its own terminology related to MMORPG's.

Keeping the world of space MMO games constantly new and exciting is important to game designers who want to keep players coming back for more. One of the ways they accomplish this is by buffing and nerfing specific character classes in the game; character classes refer to the roles that each character assumes during game play. Buffing means that the status of that class is improved, perhaps by changes that developers make to the characters' skills and abilities. Though certain classes are buffed, others are nerfed in that their skill sets are limited and some of their advantages are taken away through changes to the game.

You need to realize how you are doing as you play your favorite space MMO game, so the majority includes a leveling system. One of the manners in which this is done is through grinding, which means fighting one enemy after another in an effort to gain experience and move up to a higher level. While it is not usually a favorite part of Internet based gaming, grinding is considered to be one of the basic elements of all MMORPG's and is a very common term amongst gamers.

The core element of online games is their social features, such as in game chat systems that let players talk to one another as they play. The culture of a game can be viewed clearly when you see chats that are full of abbreviated forms of words related to locations, enemies, and challenges in the game.

Since space MMO games create communities of gamers, it is only natural that they create their own culture as well. As you become more acquainted with new online games, you are sure to form a part of these growing cultures as well.

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