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Review Game Diablo 3 PC

By Maxnus Exodus

Diablo 3 holds the report for being the fastest sold PC game from the first 24 hours of their release. Yes, it's sold more than three point five million disc. As Diablo I and Diablo II were the most popular and also well loved game titles of all times, avid gamers went crazy once they heard that Diablo III was coming out. No surprise the sales gone sky high.

In case you have not played the game yet and are looking for a Diablo 3 review that will give you an insight to the game, keep reading and you will know all that you need to know.

Diablo 3 Narrative

All those who have recently played the first two games knows information about the background of the video game and battle between heaven and hell. A Diablo 3 narrative placed Two decades right after where Diablo 2 finishes off. These 20 years are proved to be the time period of relative peacefulness and Diablo 3 started with things beginning to awaken again.

In Diablo 3, Diablo emerges as the prime evil and he has the soul stone in his possession in which the souls of the lords of hell are entrapped. He attacks heaven and since he is extremely powerful in his physical manifestation, the guardian angels of heaven are no match for him.

Tyrael, an angel who has cast aside his divinity to help the human race and Nephalem follow him to high heaven where they find out that he is planning to corrupt the crystal arch which is the ultimate source of power for the angels. They defeat Diablo and Tyreal rejoins the high heaven in his mortal form, working to build a permanent alliance between humans and angels.

Diablo 3 - Graphics

One of the best things I will comment on in this Diablo 3 is the graphics of the game. The whole action packed, fast moving, monster killing action is fluid and flawless and the excellent quality of the graphic doesn't waver in the most action packed moments. Classified as a game with an overhead perspective, it has better 3D qualities than any other game. You will see real depth in the terrain and landscape and everything is highly detailed.

Diablo 3 - sound effects

So far as the sound effect are concerned, these are just like the graphics. The songs compliments the surroundings. It's not necessarily jarring or obnoxious any time in the span of the overall game.

Diablo 3- Game play

The game play is top notch. Even in the fastest and most intense chaotic fight sequences, the dynamics are not lost even for a second. To allow the players to enjoy different experiences while replaying the game

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