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Internet Security

By Karen Carter

Over last three decades, the internet has become a very risky means of communication in all sectors of daily life. It starts from very familiar virus attacks and now its approach to hacking, and spam attack are alarming and increasing day by day. The Drug and Crime Prevention Committee Report (2004) submitted to the Parliament of Victoria, Australia stated that 79% breach to their e-commerce system would most likely occur via the Internet or other external accesses.

Often we hear on the news that a popular website has been compromised and many people have had their personal data stolen. When a website is compromised, it leads to thousands of risks such as identity theft. Instead of hacking a particular site, data is collected through look alike sites, through spyware or through other means of collection, most of which happen on a single user basis. When personal information is given out to anyone online, many people become nervous because they are in doubt about what actually can happen.

In 1983, a movie called "War Games" portrayed a teenager who could hack anything in the world. He was able to do this hacking through his school computer network. This movie sparked an evolution of hackers. With time, the teenagers gained experience and formed a gang like group of hackers. They started to share their exploits with friends in the group, in this way a hacking mechanism spread out all over the world and destroy the Internet security.

Some different types of internet security are as follows. Network layer security (TCP/IP) is developed to carry a secure communication on the internet with the help of a cryptographic method. SSL is this type of protocol. Electronic mail security is when a client uses MUA to create a user agent which is then sent to MTA. After that the message is extracted by the server. A multipurpose internet mail extension is a non ASCII data that are transformed at the senders site into a Network Virtual Terminal and then delivers it to the client through the internet.

There are several ways to improve internet security. A strong policy that lists what the responsibilities are when it comes to surfing the web should be enforced in all businesses. Anti-virus software should be installed on networks and computers to protect your system. Firewalls can be set up between two Another way is digital signature, which is used to encrypt data between locations or across the web.

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