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How Players Can Connect On A Spaceship Game

By Erick H. Hane

In recent years a large numbers of spaceship game options have become available to gamers who want to enjoy a science fiction based game online. MMORPG's, or massively multiplayer online role playing games, are currently being developed that feature futuristic worlds and space battles with excellent graphics. The popular genre of role playing games, or RPG's, serves as the basic building block upon which the more advanced system architecture of MMORPG's are established; they rely on the Internet to keep the game running. In what ways have game designers made such online worlds for gamers and what new technology do these modern games rely on?

Any MMORPG game, including a spaceship game that allows for massively multiplayer features, normally ask you to log on to their server before you can start playing. The world of an MMORPG is constantly changing and evolving, just like the real world around you; this is possible because the official game server never shuts down and is always managing an instance of the game for players to access. Some companies sell the client software and also enforce a monthly fee for gamers to stay connected to the servers which need to be constantly monitored and maintained; other games are free to play and run directly on a Web browser.

The server system that a large number of Web based spaceship game makers use enables you to play together with lots of other gamers in a way not previously possible in console games. A console game functions directly from your console to your TV, but MMORPG's are very different; they are run on the game's server and you just log on whenever you want to play. All game interactions, from working together on a task to chatting through a voice chat program, is managed through the server you and other players are connected to.

Browser based RPG's used to be considered to be simple and rather poor graphically, but that is changing as designers take advantage of new technology. But these games are also simpler to log onto, require less bandwidth, and are either free or much less expensive that games that require additional client software.

You can spend hour after hour discovering the world of your favorite spaceship game and develop an excellent character that you can be proud of. The unique design of these kinds of games enables you to play from home but find yourself in a massive world filled with thousands of other gamers just like yourself.

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