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You Can Create A Killer iPhone App, Too But Read This First

By Spencer Kardin

What do you love to do during your spare time? What snatches you away from a stressful environment be it work or home? It would be no surprise to find out that your latest addiction is browsing for the latest apps on iTunes. Some people even list iPhone under their 'can't live without' category. While it is no wonder anymore, it is still amazing how something so small can get your mind off anything and actually enjoy it a lot!

iPhone opened a new door for various entrepreneurs. One very lucrative business nowadays is creating an application. Before, you need to be an expert coder or game designer to be able to build an application but since it went viral, even those with very little to no programming background can come up with an addicting and moneymaking application. Applications can be usually downloaded for free, trial, and paid with a price range starting at $0.99. The pricing scheme will depend on the author but set aside the price for the meantime. Your application should possess the following:

Put colorful yet comprehensive interface. Most users tend judge the app by its appearance. The first thing that attracts them towards an application is a well-designed logo and vivid environment. Make sure, though to live up to their expectation or your application will end up in the trash.

Functionality is another interesting feature of an iPhone app and this is what most users go gaga over. People of various types need a handy solution to their hectic schedules and complex day-to-day tasks. There are productivity apps that make it easy for moms to remember stuff to buy from the grocery or what affairs to attend to at school. If your app has that very competent quality, it will surely create a solid fan base.

People love fun even when it comes to serious stuff. Busy men and women most especially seem to have no time for play so make sure your application mix together fun, entertainment, and work excellently.

Apply smooth and easy navigation. In other words, simplicity is beauty. What made iPhone a hit is its ability to make life easier. It would be a shame to come up with something that does not match its principle. As much as possible, ensure that your users can find easy-to-use and accurate function buttons.

Make your app unique or close to being unique. There are thousands of apps existing already and coming up with something that people have never seen before would be almost impossible. However, look around and you will find even a tiny detail in your surrounding that may become a big deal to your users. If you have to borrow an idea, add something new to make it distinct.

Know your market. It is business so if your application should have a target population of downloaders - Is it made for women? Fitness buffs? Kids? Teenagers? Pregnant moms? Working students? Be specific. It should be addicting. Create an application that the users would find hard to put down just like a John Grisham novel.

Make your app compatible with a wide range of iOS versions so that even users who have the later version of iPod touch can also try your product. Make it flexible.

Keep in mind that creating a killer app not just comprises of technical details, codes, and C++ scripts. It also takes a good marketing and presentation to make sure that you app will not only bring fun to your supporters but also money to your bank account.

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