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Software to prevent phishing

By Roger Mayers

There are too many sorts of viruses, malicious software circulating in the Internet today. We need a good anti-virus to guard our PC against them. There's much good software procurable on the market but you need to pick correctly. Most of them refer to themselves as a security suite when they're really plain antivirus on which a firewall has been placed. Their function is very limited. Recently you need to guard your P.C not only from malicious software and viruses but also from phishing.

The Bitdefender Total Security 2013, as an example, is good software which gives you antivirus protection, online protection, firewalls and protection against phishing. It is available in 2 varieties: $69.95 for direct and $79.95 for 3 licenses. Most tech critics have rated it 4.5 stars for its services. It is sort of adept at blocking malicious software. Almost 90% malicious software get blocked by it and its malware detection rate is approximately 87% and its clean up strength of the viruses is 6.4 points and it scored around 8.9 points for blocking already existing spyware. The valid feature of the antivirus suite is that it's independent to make its own calls. Every time it notices any spyware or pathogen, it blocks it at once, without asking the user whether it should stop it or not. So there is not any constant supervision from the user's side required. It permits antispam protection as well and also remote management of the PC through the My Bitdefender portal. It has an antitheft software built in too and also multi device parental control. Except for that it has got PC Fine tune, shredding and file encryption as well.

The nicer features of the Bitdefender total security is you can customise the antivirus panel as you like it. It has got four hidden panels on its window which it's possible to get to, by clicking the right arrow. You can then bring these hidden panels on the key ones and customize according to your priority. The Bitdefender Suite offers one of the very best phishing blocks ever. It automatically blocks the opening of phishing sites and opens all financial websites and social networking sites on safe mode to hold off spyware and viruses.

The only flaws of this software are the slow cleaning process of an already affected PERSONAL COMPUTER and also while repairing the P.C, it could cause some permanent damage to the software embedded in the P.C. Nevertheless it's a top of the range security suite and is good for users who desire this kind of protection.

This programme provides all types of security one can possibly imagine and all its parts function just as well. Most testers praise its functions and it's better than most antiviruses circulating in the market. To guard your Computer against the new viruses and phishing tools coming up these days, it is essential to have updated software which would help in cleaning up your PC of the existing spyware from time to time. This is good for most users utilizing the net rather a lot. Do go forward and get it to see the difference.

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