Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Highlights Of Windows Azure: A Close Look

By Martin Rolee

Users everywhere have stereotyped Microsoft as being the 'not quite as good cloud service provider'. That is a misconception. It is amongst the world's most under-estimated cloud service providers. For the young age bracket who were raised with open source languages just like Ruby plus Python, in addition to popular classes like java training classes, Azure appears to be unfit to be handling languages save for .NET as well as C#. That is not the case. Microsoft's cloud service has long been handling programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP as well as Java for some time now and has now reached a definite higher level of proficiency.

Microsoft continues to be moving forward with purpose in order to establish itself being a major cloud service provider. But the major obstacle it is facing has actually been the unwillingness of businesses to accept it even though it is providing good quality products and services. A consensus has been established in the Silicon Valley that Microsoft is not a cloud service provider and this particular tag is costing them dearly.

We have witnessed a couple of takers for Microsoft's Azure and one of those, Jeremy Howard, appears to be very pleased with the service. When he first decided on Azure, a lot of people scoffed at him and a few even wanted to teach him Java (he's amply trained in more than 16 computer programming languages). But he tells that there is almost nothing like C# and he is entirely content to make use of it as even Azure works with JAVA.

Yet another company which made a move to Azure was Movideo, a mainly Java centric firm. The CEO, Tony McGinn said that even though there were a few initial changes needed to adopt their own solutions to Azure, it was worth it. James stated that the modification needed was more of a manual update process without much innovation and just following the proven practice.

Therefore, in case you are among those young guys who've taken on Python, Ruby, .NET and also java instructional programs and searching for a cloud service provider, make sure you take a good and neutral look at Microsoft's Azure before making the very last judgment.

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