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A Rogue's Guide to Lockpicking

By Jurinsthea Smith

Lockpicking in WoW is a rogue skill. It is indeed necessary in accordance with that class, because it allows you to open locked chests, lockboxes and doors. Oftentimes, many rogue players undermine this skill. For one, they cannot understand it and have no valuable service in their final. But unfortunately, it behaves the other way around. Like other skills, such as fishing and mining, lockpicking is just as necessary.

Lockpicking works just like a profession. Initially it gives one rogue minimum skills in accordance with this job. It is now up to the player to practice and train to continue picking locks. Specific skill level is needed according to different types of difficulty. To support you in your quest in this occupation, there are rogue trainers who can point to areas that have footlockers according to your level.

Any rogues who want to practice a profession lockpicking always start at level 1. To increase your skills you might want to get some practice locks from various engineers to be able to raise your level. You can actually reach level 80 using this procedure. There are also tasks to be able to assist you with your leveling. Some may try Althen's Mill in Redridge Mountains for Alliance Rogues. For the Horde rogues, they may choose to go to the Merchant Coast and the Amani Catacombs.

To further enhance your level, you can move on to Desolace where you will see the Waterlogged Footlockers. You will also find Mossy Footlockers here that can get you to level 225th If you do not want to dive into the water, you can skip to the Angor Fortress in Badlands. Here you will see the Battered Footlockers and Dented Footlockers. Here skill 175 is required for the two areas to open.

When you reach skill level 205, you can go to Scarlet Monastery doors. You can do this to unlock the doors but there are 3 mobs that you need to face. You can then repeat the procedure until you reach 225. After that you can go to Searing Sorge and down to the Sunken Temple to reach 255.

Finally, to achieve higher levels of 300 or more, you can choose to exit with Reinforced Junkboxes. Another alternative is to head to Dalaran especially Violet Hold door and Feralfen Village which includes the most viable place to level 380 and above. It contains the doors of Karazhan, Arcatraz and Shattered Halls. Finally Stratholme doors are designed for level 400, wherein you can open them in multiple occasions in a single area.

As a final note, lockpicking should be something that needs to be mastered by any rogue players in the World of Warcraft. It does not only tap unlocking doors and chests just for the sake of doing it. It in fact contains many benefits and advantages and will prove useful if you proceed to other places. Thus lockpicking in WoW must be pondered upon not only to its intended profession but with other jobs as well.

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