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The Oustanding Sales Order report in Sage Line 50

By Lois Park

The outstanding sales order report shows you which sales orders have not yet been completed. You are then able to follow up why the order is not completed yet.

To find this report open your companys data in Sage Line 50 and navigate to the Customers section then select Sales order. Then click the Report icon which is found at the very top of the page. You may then see a pop up with an inventory of reports select Outstanding Sales Order Report in the column on the left side. You must then see one report in this section titled outstanding sales order report (Detailed) another pop up will appear asking you to choose dates. By just pressing OK you'll see all of the uncompleted sales orders.

The report lists all unfinished or part completed sales orders. Sage Line 50 instantly organizes the report to show oldest sales orders first.

The report shows the Customers Account number, Name and Address on the left-hand side and the Order number, Order date, due despatch and Notes on the right hand side. Under the taken by section it'll show the name of the computer user who created the order. This is handy if you need to chase up why the order is not complete yet.

You are then shown the list of Product code, Product description and Total Quantity. These are the items you would have inserted when you made the Sales Order. The next column labelled Outstanding shows the quantity of that product which is outstanding for the order. The price then shows the whole amount for each article. There's also a total price at the bottom labelled Order Value.

For every order you can then make notes with the qantitys outstanding shown in a report this can be very eayy. Chase up any reasonably old orders to see the progress. This is really convenient.

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