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How Online Translation Makes Business Very Productive.

By Bob Boculante

It's O.K to claim that tons of small and medium sized translation corporations specialized in internationalization, localization and Interpretation services have their own modern and academic sites but they're also following the giant players in the bizz and providing online translation facilities. I'm really not talking about automatic translation but automatic translation services where the Users submit the factors of the Project at once, the files, private information, Project details, expectancies etc... When all this has been uploaded the translation quote and delivery dates will appear on screen. When the user responses with invoice data and the payment, he receives an automatic mail confirming the exchange. At the very same time the Project Executive receives all the Project details through the internal server.

From here the Project boss distributes all of the resources according to the Schedule and all of the topical logistics - it's all very simple. Many firms are now perfecting the full atomization of the strategy so cutting the project corporate management. Based mostly on the standards selected by the User the system mechanically selects the right resource.

Following this a mail is sent to the translator giving him a particular amount of time to respond before the Project is offered to another translator. Though this automatic system is a substantial outlay initially, there are plain administration savings.

Aside from giving the user a larger sense of security the system also gives the user the choice of following the progression of the Interpretation through an Access key.

It looks feasible to apply automation to the max process, pass the middleman and get a fair profit. If this is the case why don't more translation firms do it? Perhaps it's only a query of time, but the original investment and the incontrovertible fact that most clients still need a kind of human interaction suggests that the job of the Interpretation Project chief is still safe for the moment, at least. Additionally, some localization projects are extremely difficult and involve multiple languages and stages making it very difficult to automate. Today, there aren't a lot of firms offering these types of translation services. Naturally, the massive players in the bizz have offered this service for years but now some of the medium and smaller translation agencies are providing it. With all this considered I suspect that automated Project management will be a business standard excepting more concerned projects concerning many words, stages and languages the Interpretation Project manager's job is a significant distance from being automated.

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  • Darmawan Saputra mengatakan:
    22 Juni 2012 12.39

    Terima kasih atas artikelnya.
    o iya selama saya jelajah mencari ilmu dengan blogwalking, menurut saya anda memiliki kelebihan tersendiri dari situs-situs lain dan jujur potensi anda juga sangat bagus, banyak juga ilmu yang saya pelajari disini jika ada waktu saya akan berkunjung lagi.

    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya :D

    #Semoga sehat selalu :D

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