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Video Game Designing - How Much Will You Make?

By Sean T Saunders

The video game industry around the world continues to be growing at a swift pace and in the United States alone previous year this business sector achieved record revenues of over $12.5 billion. This growth happened when sales for most other industries are slow due to the lingering global recession. If you have been considering going into the video game industry, then now is a good time to start. As the economy in America improves the expansion in gaming industry will increase even further and that means that the gaming firms will likely be looking for many new employees.

There are a wide variety of job opportunities available in the video game industry and they are classified generally into two distinctive groups. Around half of the people employed in this sector deal with running the business side of industry and doing tasks like management, public relations, accounting and sales. The other half of the employees are the creative and technical employees that actually produce and develop the computer games. The job positions on the creative side demand people like animators, software engineers, graphic artists, computer game programmers, writers and graphic game designers. These job opportunities pay well for trained and qualified people.

The most crucial job position on the creative side of the video game industry is that of developing and conceptualizing the graphic game, a task undertaken by the video game designer. The video game designer comes up with the concept for the video game and then works on designing all the various functions that go into making up a brand new large scale computer game. Most new video games are created by teams of designers working on a variety of tasks under the guidance of their team leader, the lead designer. The lead designer handles the entire project and is responsible for the staff and budget, therefore good administration skills are needed.

Working under the lead designer will often be several junior designers working on the video game. You have environmental or level designers, systems or game mechanic designers and creative designers that work on the game's user interface. The standard game designer salary levels for these different positions are dependant on a number of factors such as job experience, geographic location, job title, educational level and the gaming company you are working for. A standard video game designer salary for a junior game designer is roughly $40,000 per year. This could rise up to over $100,000 after six or more years of industry experience.

The video game designer salary amount increases with work experience, as is common in many industries. The more practical work experience an individual has, the more they are worth to the gaming company. The job location has a huge effect on salaries as some locations are much costlier to live in. You job designation is a deciding aspect as well. Junior game designer posts will pay less than the lead designer post. The company that you work for matters too and staff game designers earn more money than freelance designers.

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