Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

The Introduction of the Guild Wars 2

By Herman Shimek

Many people believe that 2012 is going to be various. The Maya says that 2012 is going to the end of the world and we will disappear from your world. There are disasters during the years but we have got through them. No matter if you do believe the doomsday, I do not believe it. In my eyes, 2012 is going to be a big year. The reason for I say so is because of the Guild Wars 2.

This fresh new game will make the online role playing games different from others. The Guild Conflicts 2 is a sequel to the Guild Wars. The Guild Wars is very popular among the people previously years. The ArenaNet is creating this new game to make a change. They want this game to be more powerful than the former one. Before the game is released the people at IGN will have a chance to play in the beta expansion of the game. That could be amazing.

The particular ArenaNet is working on a big project that many people are interested in. There are changes in the artwork style to the flexible combat systems and the questing mechanics. Recently, the system designer of the game has talked about another aspect of the game in detail. The combat mode could be changed into the World vs World combat. This may attracts a lot of people in team-based PVP combat. They have cheap GW2 precious metal for sale.

In the past, the online role playing games are in the PVP combat. Now there is a promotion of the game system. The World versus World battles will set in three teams towards each other. The three teams will stand for entire different server. This is used to prevent one group from growing too powerful and break the balance of the game. You can decide to buy Gw2 gold from the web.

Two of the three teams can get together to fight against the third team, when the third team is more dominant. The teams will fight over the objectives on each map. Will have them separated from the main game world. They can also gain points for capture the enemies. The battles will last about two weeks. After you win your team is ranked. The rank will determine your opponents in the future battles.

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