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How to Get the Essense of Guild Wars 2

By Alla Skipper

The people in the real world are divided by races. Amongst people world, the players will be divided by races. But there will not be too many races for you to choose. In the massively multiplayer online role playing game called Guild Wars 2, you will find five playable races. You can choose from the five races when you create your character. The character can be enabled the ability you have chosen.

There is a plant named Pale Tree. Individuals that spawn from the plant are known as the sylvari. The sylvari is in plant-like appearance. These are the youngest race on the land of Tyria. They are curious about all things on the land. They have a strong desire to learn. They think they are young so they have to learn how to live. They cannot fall behind in the land. They often get together in groups. These are aiming at earning GW2 gold.

You will be encouraged to behave socially with no Player versus Player mode. You will be told to be a nice person. You are not supposed to send hostile tells to the people who steal your kill. It is different in this new game today. You will gain experience when you follow a monster. You will also get the loot dropped from the monster. The questing will not be isolated. The GW2 gold is not easy to earn.

Next is the human. The human has fought countless wars on the land of Tyria. They are aiming to protect their homes. They want to drive the monsters away. They wish to get back their land from the enemies.

The asura are the master of the magical technology. They can create ways to travel across the world. They once use the underground and defeat many enemies. They are good at earning Wow Engineer gold making guide. They are short but they are powerful. Each of the humans live in the city called Rata Sum. The norn are the powerful species in the game world. They have no traditional deities.

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