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5 Common Encryption Mistakes

By Ilechukwu Magnus

Many businesses are now using the benefits there is to encryption. Encryption is basically used to block off any unauthorized access to files, folder or any other sensitive or vital data. Unfortunately, while they want the security that encryption offers, many companies make common mistakes that put them at risk for loss of data.

This Is Why You Need Encryption For Your Business- Common Mistakes Of Encryption

Some Don't Use Encryption- Many companies don't use encryption today because to them, encryption is very expensive and difficult to use. The real expense comes when inappropriate users gain access to your company's sensitive information. They may be able to steal your company's financial data, your employee's personal information, and even your customer records. This means you and your employees may lose valuable customers, be subject to identity theft, and your financial records and company accounts may be compromised. This is much more costly than the purchase of encryption software.

The second misconception, that encryption software is difficult to use and install, is also untrue. It is easy to set up, and short training programs are available to help you understand how to use the software.

Encryption Not Installed On All Devices- While many people prefer securing their office computer with encryption, what about their home devices like laptops? These devices are especially at risk for stolen data because they can easily be lost or stolen. You must encrypt all your devices if you want a complete protection.

What Encryption Software Is Best?- Inadequate Storage Of Encryption Key- If you don't know, storing your encryption key in the same location as the encrypted data is similar to tapping a combination to the back of the combination lock. This won't work. This is why an encryption software should have a policy server for key management. This is how the company can easily monitor and handle authentications, track files and control requests.

Where Can You Get Reliable Encryption Programs?- Using Software That Is Complicated To End Users- You shouldn't expect all your employees to be technical savvy. If you purchase encryption programs that are complex to end users, they will avoid using the program or give up using it altogether. The right program will have centralized administration, making it practically invisible to end users, but still providing them with the necessary protection they need.

Not Keeping An Eye On The Progress- Many people are of the conception that using an encryption software is a one step process while forgetting that even though it is easy to install, they have to keep an eye on what is going on with their data. Choose a program that offers extensive reporting and auditing, so you can check for compliance, receive system reports, and receive an audit trail. This way, you can still follow up on who is accessing what in your company.

While it is important that you get data encryption for your business, it is also necessary that you ensure you don't make any of these mistakes. With the tips offered here on how to avoid data loss through encryption, you can ensure your information is safe. See why data encryption is necessary for every business

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