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Learn To Cancel A Bid On World Of Warcraft

By Angelena Lorquet

In World of Warcraft, players need to fish extremely rare fish in "The One That Didn't Get Away". To get the required rare fish as fast as possible, the very first thing players should know is the location of the certain fish. If you equip lures and level up you fishing skill, you are very likely to get the rare fish sooner. The drop rate of the rare fish is 0. 1%, so you should wait before you catch uncommon fish.

The first thing players should do is to equip your fishing pole and then attach a lure. Make sure that you have bought extra lures if you spending time away from the fishing vendor. It adds an additional skill. What's more, you may need to fish other valuable products when you are fishing for your rare fish, even the unique in-game pets.

Making Food Some players who choose cooking profession are able to make food with the profession. Train their cooking profession can help them make a lot of food. With cooking, players can take raw materials dropped from enemies or fish from waters. You can get the raw materials from the auction house or kill enemies.

Another way to cancel your bid is to ask a friend to outbid you. Certainly, this way needs you to find a friend who is also interested in the item and is willing to do you a favor by putting up a higher bid. The gold still cannot be returned to you before the auction has ended.

After gathering all the materials you need, you just need to go near a fire to cook. Find the food you are going to make in you cooking spell book and click "Create" or "Create All" to make it. You can even sell the food you choose in the auction house for WOW gold cheap.

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