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Fallout New Vegas Cheats 360 - Analyze The Details

By Clarence Sancher


Alternate day we get to determine some or perhaps the other kind of new computer game which has been released by developers. While using video world increasing its horizon every single day, its really challenging to hold back the developers from crating newer and versions of games for most the age groups. The tale of this game, Fallout New Vegas is continued by reviewing the previous version where not very much modification has been manufactured to make this new edition stand apart from its predecessor.

The Story Proceeds

With New California Republic and Caesar's multitude at swords with each other, tensions arise. You act as a courier in these times of trouble with no particular background. You as being a player are simply an ordinary girl or guy out there in the midst of these happenings using a task in hand of delivering packages for this New Vegas-Strip. But while you proceed using your task you get to encounter various hurdles. With diverse sorts of twists and turns to keep the player interested all the while, somehow one has got the feel that the overall game is very much predictable.

With three possible kinds of endings which a player may have for the same mission, it is often seen once you complete your journey, you would not have the ability to continue playing until and if you don't reload yourself as a slave. This really is something which disappoints the gamers as this had majorly been one of several drawbacks which in fact had been faced inside the Fallout three which had to be later fixed by Bethesda adding a content that can e downloaded.

There are several forms of cheat's codes designed for playing the sport of Fallout cheats, New Vegas.

Accessories Cheat Codes

* ModNV127mmSubmachinegunSilencer 001476B0

* ModNV127mmPistolSilencer 00147620

* ModNV10mmPistolSilencer 00129878

* ModNVSilenced22SMGDrums 0010C86F

* ModNVMissileLauncherGuidanceSys 0010C86E

* ModNVGatlingLaserCFFrame 0010C86D

* ModNVGatlingLaserFocusOptics 0010C86C

* ModNVPlasmaRifleMagneticAccelerator 0010C86B

* ModNVLaserRifleBeamSplitter 0010C86A

* ModNVSniperRifleCarbonFiberParts 0010C865

* ModNVSniperRifleSuppressor 0010C864

* ModNVAssaultCarbineExtMags 0010C863

* ModNVHuntingRifleExtMag 0010C862

* ModNVHuntingRifleCustomAction 0010C861

* ModNVHuntingRifleScope 0010C860

* ModNVFlamerExpandedTanks 0010C85F

* ModNV10mmSMGRecoilCompensator 0010C85E

* ModNV10mmSMGExtMags 0010C85D

* ModNV44RevolverHeavyFrame 0010C85C

* ModNV44RevolverScope 0010C85B

* ModNV10mmPistolLaserSight 0010C859

* ModNV10mmPistolExtMags 0010C858

Other Cheat Codes

* SplashDamage 00165AF0

* PlasmaSpaz 00165AEF

* TheProfessional 00165AEC

* NukaChemist 00165AE6

* HandLoader 0016581B

* VigilantRecycler 00165816

* JuryRigging 00165815

Armor Cheat Codes

* PowerArmorTraining 00058FDF

* ArmorPowerT51bHelmet 000A6F78

* ArmorPowerT51b 000A6F77

* ArmorPowerT45d 00014E13

* ArmorPowerT45dHelmet 00014C08

* TeslaPowerArmorHelmet 0006B463

* TeslaPowerArmorGO 0006B462

* OutcastPowerArmor 00060C6F

* ArmorVault34SecurityHelmet 00138DC3

* ArmorVault34Security 00138DC2

* Ammo9mmHollowPoint 0013E43A

* Ammo22LRHollowPoint 0013E439

* Ammo44MagnumSWCHandLoad 0013E438

* Ammo44MagnumHollowPoint 0013E437

* Ammo22LRPlinking 00121162

* AmmoMicroBreeder 00121155

* Ammo5mmSurplus 00121150

* Ammo4570 00121133

* AmmoMS22Camera 0011A207

* AmmoNellisArtillery 001003B0

* Ammo20Ga 000E86F2

* Ammo25mmGrenade 00096C40

Weapons Cheat Codes

* Fat Man Launcher 0000432C

* WeapNVAntiMaterielRifleStatic 001720BC

* WeapNVLightMachineGunStatic 001720BB

* WeapNVTrailCarbineStatic 001720BA

* WeapNVHuntingShotgunStatic 001720B9

* WeapNVMacheteBoone 00176E59

* WeapNV44RevolverRaul 00176E57

* WeapNVCaravanShotgunCass 00176E55

* WeapNVZapGlove 0015BA78

* WeapNVZapGloveUnique 0015BA72

* WeapNVBallisticFist 0015BA03

* WeapNVGaussRifleUnique 0015B38D

* WeapNVTeslaCannonUnique 0015A47F

* WeapNVGaussRifle 0015837B

* WeapNVLeadPipeUnique 00157BCA

* WeapNVFireaxeUnique 00156F7C

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