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How To Make Your Own Beats And Music On A PC

By Brad Kadinski

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create your own pieces of music on your PC quickly and easily? Not only some simple songs but full fledged pop, rap or techno sound - including cool beats and bass lines?

This used to require very expensive studio equipment such as synthesizers and sequencers that you could easily end up with spending several thousand bucks for. Yes of course there has always been music software on PCs and all types of home computers but usually this software was pretty amateurish.

The old truism about this was that if you were able to make a sound on your computer rapidly and with ease, then the sound would reflect that: It would sound like it was rapidly made at home.

Nowadays, the personal computers and the laptops has become more and more powerful on the basis of the complexity of the task they can perform. For example, most of the modern day PC's are compatible enough to perform complex tasks such as it supports those music software's that the music producers commonly use. These music software's use full quality 16 bit wave table sounds with 44kHz.

Now even professional music producers start using their PCs for makings beats and baselines. Usually the pros still use their keyboards to play the actual songs but they will use the music software on the PC as a sequencer.

Needless to say that if you want to use your computer not only to store the sequences but to actually synthesize the sounds or to play the actual sounds stored as samples you will need a high quality sound card. Also this sound card should be free from interferences.

Recently another alternative has emerged: Internet based music studios. You basically go online from any computer and compose your music in a web application. Everything is done on the server, arranging and storing the sounds and the rendering of the final piece of music. This means you no longer depend on your own system resources.

Since it's quick and easy here's an option best suited for beginners. It doesn't require installing anything because it's all done online. All you have to do is export the songs as WAV or MP3 files.

There are many kinds of music software's available in this innovative world. The question 'Which home music software you should opt for?', depends on your need. If you are planning to work with professional musicians or work on studios, you should chose those software which is supports exporting songs in WAV(wave file) format. Even though the music software support MP3 formats, which is a standard in music, these formats are not accepted among professionals.

While you invest your hard earned bucks into a music software, make sure you read the reviews first. Reviews can be read by the websites which sell these software or from magazines which talks about music creating/recording software. It is also important to check how many samples the software can output without being dependent on additional (add on) sound libraries. It is best to remember that these add on sound libraries are often expensive if not bundled along with the recording software.

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