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How to Join a Runescape Clan

By Rolanda Snellen

Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that can allow you to train plenty of different skills. Many other online role playing games has class restrictions for the character. In the Runescape, there are no class restrictions for your character; you can train as many or as few skills as you want. You will need to find the correct locations for general leveling.

After you established your character, you can choose mining as your profession. Take a pick axe with you and walk to the south of the bank. There are many things you can mine there.

When you created your character you should visit the tutorial island to learn the way to control the character. You will probably want to train your character with different kinds of skills so that it can be powerful within the battle. The starting areas can be the best place for you to train your new character. Some players are also ready to spend money on the character leveling. They buy RS gold from the website and then level up with the help of the particular Runescape gold.

The gold can be very helpful when you are leveling your character. The Draynor village, Faldor and also Lumbridge are all good places to train your character. There are banks near the cities. You can store your items in the financial institution soon.

You can have a look at these clans and send a request to them. If the clan owner approved your request you are a member of the clan. Then you can realize your goal with the players. You should remember that only if you reach the requirement of the clan you can join them.

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