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Get WOW Flurry Axe

By Basil Edmond

In WOW, there is a handful low-level epic item called the Flurry Axe. It is not an epic item that has specific drop locations as other epic items in the game. Thus, getting it is not that easy as other items unless you have a very good luck or have the ability to buy it from the auction house with WOW gold.

Guild leaders buy multiple tabs for the guild bank and grant storage space of the items. The permissions of the bank are set by tab, so it is beneficial for the guild leader to decide what items in which tab when creating the guild bank rules. Examples of guild tab organization include having one tab for crafting materials, one for consumables and one with regard to rare items.

Players can get a Flurry Axe at any place in this game world. It is not easy to find if players are in degree 43 and level 50. Players don't know where it drop and which enemy they should kill if they want to get it. Actually, many players prefer to buy it with safe WOW gold in the auction house or by face-to-face trading.

Guild leaders can also set who can withdraw from which tabs according to the ability, and the maximum number of withdrawals every day. And also this works in correlation with guild rank. Except for regulating the flow of items in the guild bank, this option promotes security because the guild innovator can designate a rank that receives no banking privileges.

There are some other weapons that are similar to the Flurry Axe as well, such as the Battle Thrash Blade, Ironfoe. These weapons are also good choices for the players who want the Flurry Axe but can hardly get one.

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