Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Easiest Way to Have More RIFT Platinum

By Solomon Der

When you are playing RIFT, you can get some equipment for your character. The majority of the guides will teach you how to get items from killing the monsters. The monsters will drop some items as well as a few gold. You can pick the drops for sale in the auction house. There is one kind of equipment that is not available through picking.

The Bind on Equip items are hard to find. But once you find them they would be profitable. They are a typically blue item of great quality. If you own such an item, you will get great stats. This sort of item can be obtained from quests for the same level. The value of the items is not so much high if you sell them once you get it. They can provide high stats for you. Then you can get your character to a higher level.

If you are lucky enough, you can get RIFT platinum too. The quest is the most lucrative activity in the game. Get as many quests as you can then try your best to finish them. One quest will get your own character one point.

The rare items will surely worth more if you buy them when they are in lower price. You are not supposed to sell the items to the vendors because you can sell for more in the auction house. It is known for all that the items can be sold for a better price in the auction house.

Some players are willing to buy RIFT platinum to meet their need of the items. If the players want to level up they must have enough materials for their characters to use. Almost all the materials can be got by gathering ore picking. So take more quests, you will benefit from all of them. In addition , the auction house is another good place to make RIFT platinum.

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