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Duplicate Runescape Gold Guide

By Daryl Sheffey

RS is an extremely popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) in the world with a huge number of players. It is a game based on the illusion genre released in 2001 and fast became one of the most famous free MMORPG on earth. The main virtual currency in the game is Runescape gold, which can be used to buy a lot of different rare items in the game, such as weapons, equipments and so on.

Develop your miracle abilities to level 55. At level 55, you will study the high-level alchemy spell that is imperative for quick creation of Runescape Money. Leveling up your miracle will also increase your combat level. Harvest a big quantity of flax and spin it into bowstring. This could give you some crafting experience.

If you're building your thieving skill, steal silk in Ardougne once you're at level 20, then change to fur as soon as you reach level 35; you can sell both in Varrock. In case you are making up your smithing skills, you may find that selling metal after smelting it will get you a lot more bucks than having it produced into weapons or armor. This is particularly genuine from the lower-level metals like bronze and steel.

Another thing that players can do is to hunt down Hill Giants in the wilderness. Hill Giants produce a kind of reward when you kill Hill Giant Bones. Players can sell these bones at local stores for 300 gold. Exactly like ore, there is an inexhaustible supply of Hill Giants, but it is a difficult job to defeat Hill Giant Bones, and they'll often attack you en masse.

Switch from chopping willow trees to maple trees when your woodcutting level reaches 45. Switch from making willow bows to maple bows. Switch from chopping maple trees to yew trees when your woodcutting level reaches 60. Change from making maple bows to yew bows. This point also represents a necessary shift when you are not reselling yew bows to shops, because you will make more from higher alching them.

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