Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Data Destruction Methods And Their Importance

By Petra Berg

Various companies require techniques of data destruction to remove unnecessary information from their hard drives. This is the most effective way of protecting confidential information of a company or business. Certain legal regulations require that the unnecessary information should be destroyed to prevent it from being reconstructed.

Deleting items that are in the recycle bin is not sufficient to erase the information from your computer permanently. Programmers and hackers can retrieve this information. This can be very risky if they restored confidential information of a certain company. It is therefore important for companies to find out the most convenient and recommended way of destroying unnecessary information in their outdated hard drives.

One such effective method is by use of software to clean the information. The software exhaustively cleans hard disks leaving them without any information. Generally, this software goes through the drive several times. The hard drive is not destroyed and it can be reused to store more information.

The other method that can be used is degaussing process. It involves passing the drive through a large power magnet that leaves the disk completely unreadable. This process destroys the disk and it can no longer be accessed. It is a safe method to use but the only negative side of it is that the disk cannot be reused.

The disk containing the information to be disposed could also be physically destroyed. The most used method of physical damaging of information is shredding which involves grinding of the hard drive. Physical destruction is regarded as the safest method of disposing disks with very sensitive information.

Almost every company can benefit from data destruction process for their unnecessary information. This is because they possess some confidential information and it can be very sensitive if it falls into the hands of the wrong people after being disposed. Therefore, it is necessary for them to use the best methods.

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