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Top New Features In SQL Server

By Anne Liew

SQL server is developed by IT companies. It is a computer application used to create web based database applications related to software and enterprise purpose. It is used for different platforms and different purposes. The new version of this server has been released, with a code name. It includes many exciting and improved features.

The new availability features of the software resulted in great improvements over the database capacities of SQL server 2008. Availability of groups of databases can be created by AlwaysOn option. It also helps you to create active secondary hosts, making use of redundant servers for part of the read workload. AlwaysOn technology is especially important when you wish to fail over independent applications that rely upon more than one database.

Ad hoc query page enhancements to Transact-SQL include the offset, fetch keywords by clause, helping you to specify the number of rows to be retrieved and page through those results. But in general, a report is statistically based on innumerable transactions and hence users are not advised to ad hoc query. Instead information can be chose within a given range by the users. For any data which is accessed multiple times, a linked server is defined.

Column based query intensifier is a vital feature of this software allowing intensified query performance. The code name is Apollo. It is said that the query performance is increased by ten times with the feature. Instead of storing the master copies in rows and redundant copies in columns, they are stored individually on a set of pages. Hence only columns fetch in query solving process and redundant copies are easy to compress resulting in enhanced performance.

The FileTable feature is an organized connection between servers and the operating system allowing database users to directly access unstructured information stored in the windows file system. Each FileTable uses a predefined protocol to access the directories and files stored in the file system and each FileTable is associated with one directory in the system. Either windows or the Host can modify the files and updates are checked in both the phases.

The Project Crescent advances business intelligence by providing a better and speedy web visualization tool in the browser. It is based on silverlight and has a feature called storyboarding helps the user in creating more than one clicks of information. After this is done, the clicks of information are directly exported to PowerPoint and displayed in slides. It also provides drag and drop options for ad hoc reporting functionality.

Full Text Lookup in the software has been heightened by letting you to lookup and index information stored in extensive properties or metadata. Think a PDF document that has its properties like type, name, folder path and size are filled. In the software, this information could be indexed and searched along with information in the document itself. The information does have to be shared to other servers, but it is possible in the software.

Data Quality Services, which is a data-based service that runs in SQL Services Integrating Services, is important for knowledge purpose. Impact Analysis and Lineage includes where the data comes from and systems behind it. It gives data about the information on SQL server standing on.

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