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The Importance Of Quality Assurance Testing In Custom Software Development

By Jake Gavin

Everyone knows that quality guarantee testing during the application development cycle is important, but just what are your tests designed to uncover? Bugs and other blunders in the code itself as well as issues integrating with other platforms and applications are all things which can sometimes be found using different testing procedures. Finding and resolving these screw ups during the development cycle is important to the quality of the finalized profuct. Most software quality guarantee testing falls under the categories of manual testing or automated testing - how do these 2 techniques compare?

Manual quality assurance testing demands talented software testers to stand in for the proposed audience for the software. As you would expect, using human testers makes the testing process dearer, but a trained human tester can frequently spot gaffes that would doubtless stay unseen during automated testing. Manual testing has stayed popular precisely for that reason; and in fact , around 80% of software quality guarantee testing is done this way and many smaller application engineering firms use only manual testing.

Automated testing, from the other viewpoint, is performed using scripts and other automated tools which run predefined testing routines; these include performing actions which end users could be anticipated to do with the software. Testers will then compare the result of these actions against the development team's expectancies. An advantage of automated quality assurance testing is that scripts can be run as many times as required, taking only seconds to run in most cases. Particularly where there is a need to run the same test repeatedly, automated testing is generally far less expensive than using human testers. Human testers may do not notice bugs in the monotony of repeated tests; but a smartly designed software testing tool can handle the task far more fast and in a few cases, thoroughly than manual testing. Cleverly designed tools can unlock manual testers to deal with the more complicated tasks or to develop better tools for automated testing, actually.

Particularly complex software or software which hasn't ever been tested at all before still demands manual testing, at least for the near future of software quality guarantee testing. While human testers might be the only real way to go for some purposes, automated testing tools are becoming increasingly classy and for repeated testing, automated methods are a smart choice.

Since the goal is to provide the consumer with the best quality product possible , many software development companies are of the opinion that the best strategy is by utilising both automated and manual testing techniques.

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