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How to Farm World of Warcraft Gold

By Rubi Boespflug

World of Warcraft gold is the most commonly used currency in the game. It is now the popular massively multi-player online role playing game. You cannot live without gold just like in the real world. It is difficult to go on playing if you have no gold in Wow. You need World of Warcraft Gold to buy gears and necessities. Making gold is not as difficult as it seems to be in Wrath of the Lich King. This is the second expansion of this game.

Even Blizzard is trying every effort to prohibit this practice; companies continue to show up in the United State as well as in China. Those companies take advantage of the players are willing to pay money for World of Warcraft gold. The American gaming companies such as Yeh use both college students and the full-time game players his or her employees. Gold farming is one of the main services of the companies.

You could have two primary professions. You can make your character be an herbalist or a miner. You need to level up your vocations as you grow in the game. You will get more valuable items if you have a high level profession.

Later there are better ways to deliver you the gold that is by email. The company will send an email to you and you open the email and click the link in your email then you will get the gold. With time goes by, the email delivery is not safe. It can be easily found by blizzard.

Now the safest way to deliver gold is face to face delivery. This will not require you offer your password. You can only provide your gaming account and your server title. In order not to be fraud you should not give out any of your passwords.

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