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The Asus Vh242h Review - Will it be The most effective Asus Gaming Monitor?

By Steven Atkil

Aspect ratio controls are greyed out unless the computer monitor detects a reduced resolution than its entertainment friendly Full High definition (1,920 x 1,080), doubtless a blessing to prospects who will be confused from this kind of thing. When the resolution is leaner but widescreen, the Asus will either display it 1:1 or attempt to scale it without aspect distortion, while a non-widescreen resolution can lead to being given the decision between Full (resulting in a very horrible stretched image) or 4:3. Most importantly, how does the VW246H's image quality manage? As always with TN-based displays, there are benefits and drawbacks. Over the plus side, horizontal viewing angles aren't the worst and backlight bleed is practically nonexistent. After playing with saturation settings, colours are relatively vibrant without having to be oversaturated.

Unfortunately, noticeable banding and a slight shortage of sharpness (regardless of this setting at 100 %) complement average greyscale performance and slight dithering to take a few of the sheen off the VW246H's performance. To be honest it's not worse than many TNs and for most needs the image quality would be deemed sufficient, yet it fails to surprise on any level.

The opposite can be stated on the 2W integrated speakers, which are much better than we'd normally expect, producing relatively rich audio at reputable volume levels without recognizable distortion. In addition, they have even managed an indication of bass, all while maintaining a rare amount of depth and clarity. In actual fact, we'd go as far as to express it is the best audio performance originating from a budget monitor yet, though this is simply not to say it might replace even half decent headphones or discrete speakers.

Value is the one other strong point on this display. Though the average price for this is above the 210 mark, bringing it in accordance with most monitors sporting this kind of size and connectivity, it may be found for less than 190 online.


For a TN-based model image level of quality is above par, however the Asus VW246H comes with a surprisingly good audio performance at an attractive price and has most of the input and output options you'll need. Should you be with limited funds you can do far worse.

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