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Saints Row 2 Is Better Than GTA 4: A Few Reasons

By Vivek Paliwal

Saints Row 2 is without a doubt superior in comparison with Grand Theft Auto Iv. This is really an irrefutable fact because a blogger on the web has reported it, hence it can't be refuted. Do not misunderstand me, GTA 4 is a great online game and one that is worthy of lots of the accolades that it has received. Certainly, this would be wrong for making this type of bold claim without justifying it. I can give a couple of points which prove my righteousness.

(I) in-Mission Checkpoints: One single matter which has generally hassled me when it comes to Grand Theft Auto is actually that whenever you don't succeed in a quest or are slaughtered, you will be required to do the entire thing yet again, including the uninteresting car driving. Saints Row 2 will make this, a thing of the last with in-mission particular check points which enable get rid of some aspects of a stage that could bore you.

(II) Weaponry are way more diverse as well as awesome: While in its try for realism, Grand Theft Auto 4 eliminate numerous factors that had made the past games a lot entertainment. Important among all of these cuts were the numerous and even outrageous weapons that had appeared in the GTAs of past. No more chainsaws or maybe flamethrowers. Just a lot grounded, quite precise, extremely tiresome guns. You may also activate brand new weapons by using saints row 2 cheats.

(III) Actual customization: GTA 4 allows a player select some clothes for Niko to put on, but this won't even come close to the amount of customization that is possible in Saints Row 2. (IV) Superior multi-player: The multi player in GTA 4 isn't actually so much great. The racing can certainly be enjoyable; however the death games were not so good. SR2's multi-player, in contrast, is even more exciting. The basic death tournaments are where the game genuinely shines, and also they are much more intriguing compared to the quiet together with boring competitions of Grand Theft Auto 4. The weaponry wide variety as well as top-quality automobiles is acquired to play in the game, offering an atmosphere. However the main wonderful aspect of the Saints row 2 multiplayer is simply that it is never operated by Niko Bellic's silly small cellular phone which all of us make use of alot within GTA 4 to implement cheats for saints row 2.

(V) This seems more effective: Saints Row 2's graphical designs actually are not amazing compared to a good number of games console titles around and it's absolutely not graphically superior to GTA 4. True, but that doesn't indicate that Saints Row 2 can't seem improved. Indeed, SR2 is not powered by Euphoria, as well as it is not going to have credible face animation or even much level of information to the aesthetics, however unlike Liberty City, Stillwater has more than 3 shades in it. SR2 is actually brilliant as well as eye-catching. SR2 seems better as compared to GTA 4 simply because it isn't going to seem like everything else.

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