Selasa, 15 November 2011

Updates and Information about the New and Improved Wii U

By Don D Rogers

Wii fans from all over the world can hardly wait for the release of the new and improved Wii U console, which is considered by the producers as the new generation console, designed to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. The successor of the Wii console comes to satisfy the needs of any gamer, removing the limitations of the previous console and enhancing the gaming experience considerably.

Producers of Wii U have unveiled the final product at the E3 2011, but the technical specifications are still subject to change. In any way, the new console will have installed a multi-core processor, internal flash memory that can be expanded and increased storage space. A lot of ports and interesting features of the product can be discovered only by those who will acquire the new console and use it to play their favorite games.

One of the best advantages this console brings forth is the ability to play your games even without the TV turned on. That means you are still able to continue your game even when someone else needs the TV.

Producers have announced the release of Wii U after April, 2012, so there's no exact date to pre-order the console. The price for the new console hasn't been announced yet, but it is likely to be a lot more expensive than its predecessor. However, fans of Wii consoles can take advantage of discounts and offers by pre-ordering the product and save money on their purchase.

The release of Wii U is scheduled after April, 2012, but the producers are carefully planning the release in order to avoid the problems they faced with the Nintendo 3DS console. The producers haven't shared any information regarding the price, but it will definitely be higher than the original Wii console. However, this will not keep Wii fans away from this incredible console, since chances are they can avail discounts and offers once the product is released on the market.

Even if fans from all over the world can hardly wait for the new console to be released, producers want to take their time and carefully plan the launching, in order to avoid the mistakes that occurred with the Nintendo 3DS.

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