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What Happens During A Hard Drive Wipe

By Christian Lewis

A hard drive wipe refers to a secure deletion procedure that leaves no traces of the data that used to be stored on the wiped hard drive. This is usually performed using specialized software programs designed for this purpose. It should be noted that a hard drive wipe is different from and much more secure than simply deleting all the files that are on a hard drive.

While you've been busy with your day-to-day life someone could have stolen your personal information and racked up debts or committed fraud - all with your name on it. What happens then can be anything from being denied employment, credit or even being arrested for a crime you didn't commit.

For many applications and users, this file deletion may be sufficient. A more thorough deletion would just be a waste of system resources, and thus is usually not implemented. However, there are certain cases in which the more secure deletion that a hard drive wipe affords becomes desirable.

According to a survey conducted by the FTC (Federal Trade and Commission) 4.6% of Americans involved in the survey responded that they had been a victim of identity theft within the past year. That means about 10 million Americans dealt with some form of identity theft - from using existing credit cards to setting up new accounts or giving false identification when arrested for a crime.

It doesn't stop there. The cost of clearing up the theft ranged from an average of $500 to $1200 per victim. It took them on average 30 hours to resolve the issue while also costing time and money for businesses and agencies who assist these victims. What is being done to protect your privacy? Get free adware download and protect your online privacy.

The second domain of ergonomics deals with the cognitive aspect. This is also known as engineering psychology. This aspect concerns itself with the mental processes like motor control, perception, cognition, and attention. It also studies the storage of memory and the retrieval of those memories as they can affect the interaction of the elements of a particular system and the human that is applying it. Important topics that are studied are training, mental workload, computer to human interactions, vigilance, human error, skilled performance and decision making.

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