Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

There Is More To Computer Repair Than Most People Know

By Tracey Dougan

There is one thing that is certain, everyone will at some point need computer repair, because these components will eventually break down. But, one should not wait until his system fails before seeking expert advice when it comes to virus protection, firewall installation, or data backup systems. As people grow more dependent on their electronic components, the need for qualified technicians grows.

The average system is attacked each day by dangerous viruses which can cause a system to crash. It is important to have the most up to date virus protection installed on one's system, one that is updated automatically. Computers are prone to hacker attack and unauthorized access every minute of the day.
The technician can install a firewall to protect the system from unauthorized access, and keep one's sensitive information safe. One should not go on line without a firewall, especially if one uses a debit card to make internet purchases. One should not perform online banking without a firewall because hackers search for unprotected systems in order to steal bank account numbers and passwords.

A technician can install a data backup system that will automatically save all data on a separate server. Hard drives crash eventually and it costs a lot of money to retrieve data from a failed hard drive. A back up system will save time and money because data can simply be transferred to a new hard drive.

Techs can install a LAN system, which is a local area network, or a WAN, which is a wide area network. These systems must be properly installed if the signal is to properly work. Techs also specialize in website development errors and can solve errors in graphic design software.

The computer repair technician is highly trained and is current on all of the latest system error trouble shooting techniques. Techs can install WAN and LAN connections so that the system operates properly. Techs also specialize in firewall protection and virus protection software installation.

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