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There are Various Custom Xbox 360 Controllers For Your Gaming Style

By Evelyn Connors

The modded Xbox controller community has seen much advancement to the technology and function of the custom controllers. The future of the industry is fairly secure due to its continuous progression and advancement. The popularity of custom Xbox 360 controllers is wide spread among the gaming community, and is due to the enhanced gaming experience they provide.

Most commonly, owners of a modded Xbox controller have a rapid fire mod installed because it is the business standard and performs to a very high standard. There are, however, other mods that may be beneficial to gamers who are considering the purchase of a controller mod. The additional mod types provide the same level satisfaction as rapid fire, but enact various changes that several gamers may find more suited to their gaming.

One example that is similar to the function of rapid fire is the auto burst mod. This unique mod takes burst fire weapons, and changes their game dynamic to allow them to work like an automatic. For instance, in Black Ops the G11 is a popular burst fire weapon, and the auto burst mod enhances its function immensely. The accuracy remain untouched, and the rate of fire becomes much more effective.

In addition, gamers who are satisfied with their weapon's rate of fire have the option to intensify other game functions. Fast reload controllers do not change the way weapons fire, but it is wonderful because it speeds up reload times. The time it takes to reload in FPS titles leaves gamers open to attack, but the fast reload mod eliminates this threat. For gamers who do not want to mod their weapon's rate of fire, this mod is a way to deepen their enjoyment even further.

Custom Xbox 360 controllers are an excellent way to improve one's skills, enhance popular games, and dominate the competition. Rapid fire controllers are standard, but there is a multitude of additional mods that many gamers will find beneficial. Selecting the right mod requires a gamer to analyze their gaming style, which the mod should compliment. Defensive players require different advantages than offensive players do, thus rapid fire is not for everyone.

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