Jumat, 30 September 2011

Palm Software Revolutionized Handhelds

By Edward Wilkinson

CD rip software is available all over the Internet. If you want to rip a cd, you'll need software capable of copying music off your cds. That is what's meant by ripping. Once that music has been copied off the cd, or ripped, it then needs to be converted into a format that can be stored on a computer hard drive. For most music lovers, the preferred end result is to rip a cd to mp3 format.

For optimum sound quality, it's a good idea to perform an interim step by first converting the cd audio tract into a .WAV file. An uncompressed .WAV file will store every bit of the original audio format meaning that the .WAV will be a "true" copy. But its file size will be enormous!

The introduction of Tungsten T, a PalmPilot designed for business applications, saw the launch of Palm OS version 5.0. This was the first Palm software that could be loaded on ARM devices. A significant feature with Palm software is that the newer versions are not radically altered from the older ones. In fact, a great deal of backward compatibility is required, as all new Palm applications are developed under the aegis of Palm Application Compatibility Environment (PACE).

If you're looking for rip cd to mp3 freeware, take a look at CD-Copy. With this software you can convert audio cd ripped tracts to mp3, .WAV, RealAudio and others and you can burn CD audio. It also supports jitter correction and on-the-fly compression.

Another important aspect of the effort you put into your PAD file is getting your program noticed on download sites. Unless you are paying for better placement on a site or are getting it with partnership agreements with these sites, how is your program going to be found among the sea of thousands of others? Usually your best shot of being found revolves around search engines, either on-site or off.

1. Address Book/Contacts: This versatile software allows personal information to be entered in several user-definable categories, providing several slots for phone or e-mail entries.

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