Kamis, 29 September 2011

Could Cloud Computing Solutions Control Your Home In The Future?

By Sheri Guy

Technology has been dominated by a pursuit of new discoveries, new technologies and new techniques in the past. Recent times have however seen a slowing of the number of new discoveries and technologies. New techniques have however continued to increase with every passing day. Innovation is the common term for this trend where existing technologies are applied in new areas or combined with new technologies to deliver new capabilities. This wave of innovations has taken root in all sectors that relate to business, leisure as well as domestic technology. There is a new world of possibilities that is here with us and we can now imagine things that were previously considered impossible.

One of the new technologies that has taken the IT world by storm is the cloud computing system. Developers try to keep up with the new services that can be delivered through this amazing type of computing. Already we have a huge number of services that are delivered through the cloud and rumor has it that there is much more to come. A recent announcement indicated that there are plans to develop a futuristic kitchen where everything can be controlled through the use of gestures and voice commands. This would be made possible by having a kitchen that comprises of appliances that have mini computers embedded in them.

A lot of established institutions are in their advanced stages of working on such projects with some having installed and control the whole house through cloud computing tools. Those who are working on a cloud controlled kitchen report that with this technology, regular chores will be easily and efficiently taken completed through commands to the computer system. The advantage of cloud control panel is that you are able to program routine tasks and they are done without fail. While working in such a kitchen, multiple tasks can be easily done in a record time.

Through the cloud you get remote access to your kitchen which is another enticing development that is expected once this type of kitchen is installed. The prototypes developed up to now are quite fruitful and offer great hope that cloud computing can control your kitchen in the future. Though still some way from being fully implementable, there is a lot of promise in the way cloud computing is shaping up. Each passing year witnesses a great innovation and many companies have managed to keep their clients amazed at the consumer electronic show. For the people who are still in doubt, there happens to be a lot that indicates big things. It is very likely going to be a way through which kitchens and even homes will be controlled in future. At the moment, hands free appliances are already a reality with remote access to computerized appliances and gadgets also possible.

There are greater developments expected in the coming days and it is only a matter of time before cloud computing becomes a popular way through which we control kitchens around the world.

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